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Future Technology Trends 2020


Future Technology Trends 2020


Future Technology Trends 2020. The demand and need for technology are constantly increasing day by day, and for both Good or Bad, is making progress toward ease, speed each year. For the last few years or so, technology has developed at a different level and that does not seem to be stopping or slowing down in the future. There are many technologies coming in future we have listed some Future Technology Trends 2020.

1) Digital Twins

The term digital twin was given by Dr. Michael Grieves in 2002.NASA was one of the first to use this technology for space exploration mission Digital twin connect the real and virtual world by collecting real-time data from the installed sensors. The tested data is either locally decentralized or centrally stored in the cloud. The data is then evaluated and stimulated in a virtual copy of the asserts.

Digital twins can be used in various industries like manufacturing, automotive, construction, utilities, healthcare. Digital twins are the next big thing in the industrial revolution for the development of new products and processes. The digital twin will be very useful in the future.

Digital twin technology covers the entire lifecycle of the product or service from conceptualization till it retires. The genesis of the digital twin was in the form of 3D CAD models designed for the new product introduction. Digital twin technology helps companies improve the customer experience by better understanding customer needs, develop and improve there existing products.

Digital Twin is a key technology to fully digitize the physical world. Today GE has more than 551,000 Digital twins and this count will continue to be on the rise. Digital Twin will be the core technology focus area for all industrial services organizations.

2) Cyber Warfare

Cyber warfare is probably the greatest challenge that we have as far as our nations national security is concerned. we have an advantage over every other form of competition with possible allies except one, that is cyber warfare and when you see the potential of what a successful cyber-attack can achieve, it’s enough to make you deeply concerned.

This is going to be the new battlefield in the future an unseen invisible battlefield where teams of hackers from various nations will duel. In 2010, a computer virus named “Stuxnet” demolished a secret Iranian nuclear weapons plant. Hackers at synaptic corporation revealed its mystery.

3) 5G Preparation

5G promises to be 100X faster than 4G and 25,000x faster than 3G. The future of 5G is bright when it gets here the world changes. The possibility is so much bigger than the second movie downloads.

It will change how we learn with 5G, immersive virtual reality training simulators could be accessed anywhere. It will change how we commute. with 5G, Self-control cars could talk to each other to avoid traffic congestion. It will change how we care for.with 5G ambulance could transmit live video to doctors on the route. It will change how we business. with 5G, factory equipment could diagnose and repair itself without halting production. It will change how we explore with 5G, parks, and public transmit could blanket in gigabit-speed wireless internet.

So can we expect it?

The white house has just detailed new plans to supercharge America with 5G. They’ll invest $400 million into wireless testing and research over the next seven years. The Obama-backed plan is called the Advanced Wireless Research Initiative. So get ready the future is not as far as you think.

4) Facial Recognition

Question is how much your face say about you because it’s about to launch a thousand new applications. Already some digital screens in Australia used facial recognization to show ads. But there is so much more about it than just this. Anupinder professor Dr. Brian Lovell is developing cutting edge facial recognization software for the US and Australian security system.

You will be loading this software into the latest originated reality glasses from US company ODT. It will be meant to reduce a giant a database of images and information.

Brian Lovell says privacy guidelines will be observed but you can tell anything by obeying a little oversensitive your face could also replace the fractality tangle of potentially hackable password that you never remember.

Who news selfies would become so vital even activating cause but as fast as technology develops others are trying to get around it. The mask technology uses synthetic material to create the image is very lifelike and it really is mission impossible. You can go online and order these masks very freely. Tim Duston’s company by emetic specialize in detecting how some people try to face recognization like this mask. So get ready facial recognition will be very bright in the near future.

5) Voice

The future of technologies in 2020 will remain incomplete without Voice. Today, over Today, over smart speakers like 47 million Americans have access to smart speakers like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home etc.

Nowadays, it isn’t surprising to hear someone speak to a device. We ask Alexa for the weather and to turn the temperature down on the thermostat, we can also talk to Alexa in Hindi if we don’t know English. Then, we ask Siri what our schedule for the day is and to call people, send a message on WhatsApp, play music on youtube etc. We are connected now more than ever using our voice and voice interface technology. I can’t imagine doing things manually anymore! It’s truly the future.

I think in the next five years, businesses will be driven by these tiny machines. Speaking to Alexa or siri for business will be as natural as doing something yourself .Voice interface technology will free employees up to work on more important things like anything that addresses customer’s needs. This new form of communication, in conjunction with other technology, will push businesses further than ever before.

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