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Shadow Banning On Social Media


Shadow Banning On Social Media


Shadow Banning On Social Media. As you all know this thing very well that if you are using facebook, twitter or Instagram you have to keep in mind their policies of all the platforms while using it there is a possibility that you have been banned temporarily sometimes it takes 3,4or even 5 weeks to reuse you platforms but if you have posted some illegal work happens from your account then this ban can be permanent . These are those things where you know that you have posted a wrong thing with which you are banned. But in shadow banning concept basically, it is history in one way between us. There can be a possibility that you never heard about it before we actually don’t know this concept exists or not.

The concept of shadow banning is that if they want to press any users voice, in that case, they will not ban any user account that person can post, write any photo easily in a normal way his account will work but all the post and tweets he will do will be hidden and users cannot see it means its reach in one way will be equal to zero this is basically the concept of shadow banning.No platform Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has except that they use shadow banning.

Many times the user has complained that they had experienced shadow banning, in fact, US President Donal Trump also tweeted last year saying on twitter that many accounts of Republicans are shadow banned their accounts are not directly banned but when they are using there accounts their tweets may be cant reached the followers.

The same concept occurred in Instagram many time accounts of many people claims that they are shadowbanned by Instagram due to which their photos and stories cant reach their followers this same thing people said about facebook

All the companies said they don’t implement shadow banning and they use some algorithms basically they don’t except they use it may be they don’t we don’t know exactly. Many times facebook said they don’t implement shadow banning but if someone implements fake news or articles then our algorithms detect it and visibility of your coming post will be less.

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