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OE Mars One 360° Wireless Speaker


OE Mars One 360° Wireless Speaker


OE Mars One 360° Wireless Speaker sounds away life and now music is meant to be heard. It is designed to fit into and enhance every space the mars one audio system has been engineered to complement and improve your quality of living and an advanced device that fills your life with high-quality music rather than filling up your home with the expensive culture showcase no longer you have to tolerate traditional hi-fi systems nor endure another wireless speaker mediocrely sound quality.

The Marse One has been partially engineered to prove comparable sonic fidelity to device twice it’s the size and three-time its price numerous technical advancements such as 360-degree omnidirectional ribbon tweeter the 360-degree median speaker, newly designed long strong woofer and high power digital amplifier were employed to achieve these uncompromising result. The Mars One a quieter approach is needed. Multiple connectivities option like Bluetooth, Wifi, and AUX connectivity options earned with cutting edge technology that brings you lossless audio gives you the best sound no matter your music streaming service and a four layer piano lacquer finish ensure that the mars one will be a beautiful addition to your home. Brings the high quality 360-degree audio experience into your home.

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