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Vezo 360 Degree The Worlds Smartest Dash Camera


Vezo 360 Degree The Worlds Smartest Dash Camera


Vezo 360-degree camera system captures all around the car without any blind spots using the dedicated app we can wirelessly transfer videos to the phone in the 4K HD video shows everything in the crystal-clear detail. It also tells you that someone has hit your car parked and she just drove away classic hit and run but the Vezo 360-degree automatically detects accidents even when the car is off and the low power don’t dream the car’s battery with its 4G capability it is notified immediately by received a video clip to the phone.

Vezo has a sleep detection feature uses facial recognization to alert a drowsy driver. It also has a LED light that remains on at all the times which let others know that that Vezo is watching with a single press of a button we can take selfies in the car as well as the outside landscape all in one seamless 360-degree image or video with the dedicated internal battery we can even take Viza outside to use just like a regular 360-degree image and we can quickly share photos and videos to social media directly from the Vezo app our life is now fully protected thanks to Vezo 360-degree

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