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Google Pixel 4 Leaks


Google Pixel 4 Leaks


It’s 2019 and obviously everything leaks. So if you been following pixel 3 for the past couple of months comparing it to other phones. We have been asking google for so long now to step up their hardware game to match their incredible software. There was a slightly weaker point with google pixel and it looks like they have finally upgrade it in 2019.

In Google pixel, 4 first of all the leaked images come as a picture of the phone with a clear case on it so that’s why it might look kind of weird with that sort of an outline but the google pixel 4 leaks what happens you can clearly see the outline of a clear case around the pixel 4 and they are really going bezel lists like the rest of the competition the chain is of course tiny and the side bezels minimal and there is a fingerprint reader now down the display glass on the front and as you can see the screen goes right all the way up to the top and their is a selfie that looks like a shark fin and as a matter of fact that is the devices internal code name so its pretty common before a phone comes out for it to have the internal name that everyone the employees refer to as an internal code name .

Google for the last couple of years with pixels and Nexus devices have notoriously been fish related to the Nexus 7 tablet before came out is internally referred to as a grouper and then the Nexus 10 bigger tabled came out was called Manta and the Nexus 4 called Mako and so on. So google’s clue is sticking to those roots with a pixel for the internal code name shark-fin selfie camera on the back which is very nice. I think it is an ultra-wide camera because you can’t really fake ultra wide with software like google don’t have an old tired lens that’s great. It should also have the latest specs snapdragon 855 gigs of ram that’s great and there is also a power button and a volume rocker are in the same traditional place the square functionality is also still intact.

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