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3 Amazing Gadgets 2019

The need and use of the Amazing Gadget are increasing day by day that makes our life easier than before. Given below are the 3 amazing gadgets that we will see in 2019.

1) Ridy: First Distracted and Drowsy Driver Alert

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing just the ways in which we solve our problems and Ridy is no exception. This amazing gadget uses machine vision to see whether you’re focusing on the road. By continuously monitoring blinking eye movement, and another face expression, Ridy can determine when you’ve gotten a little drowsy or become dangerously distracted. Perfect for parents with young drivers, late-night drivers, or anyone making a long drive, Ridy installs fast and amazing. It’s easy to get sleepy and distracted after a long day of work or when you are driving a long distance that’s when Ridy alerts you are getting sleepy or when you start checking your phone and counting your Ridy does everything to keep your focus on driving. Now you may have this question in your mind that is it reading your mind? No, it’s not it’s reading your face using face tracking technology to detect when your eyes are not on the road don’t worry it’s completely private no internet connection is needed and it works day and night to keep you safe plus it’s so quick and easy to install. It’s also great for professional drivers, Truck Drivers, Young Drivers, and parents. So unless you have a metal rock band to keep you awake get Ridy. Created by a team of engineers Ridy is fully developed, tested and ready for beneficial use.

2) OTO Message Shagger

OTO is your personal handheld (& handmade), massager. Well, it can help to comfort your relative or family member too. OTO just loves returning favors. We all want a morning message that wakes us up and a relaxing one after your evening run. Need to boost up your blood flow during your long office hours? Let OTO give you a hand. And remember. It can be gentle or a little rough. Like a true shagger.

The message Shaggar created to awaken your body with pleasure by two flexible memory loops and elegant wooden handle. OTO loves to spend his ears to smooth love to massage your skin with or without clothes. Is super adaptable and easy to all body parts. It is handmade from a range of selected woods every piece is unique and there is a soft and hard version of slag gently or a little rough apply pressure as you like and use your favorite cream for a smoother effect. In the process of gliding over, we stimulate the nervous system blood and lymph flow while oxygenating tissue this reconnects it’s with the body making us feel relaxed and refreshed. By Testing OTO for over a year consulting with physiotherapist athletes, there is an introducing OTO APP with simple videos present in it you can use it for relaxation. Use this and make yourself comfortable.

OTA Detects & alerts when a driver loses concentration or gets dangerously distracted using machine vision analytics. You can also Install it on any car only in 60 seconds and it works if you wear regular glasses & at night. It Doesn’t require an internet connection & operates 24/7. It has Connecting cables, Mount hardware, and 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

3) EQUA Smart Water Bottles

Drinking water is the daily routines that we forget about too often while Bizzy in different works. And while most advice focuses on how much water we need to drink, not enough is said about how often you should be sipping on your water. The frequency and even distribution of your water intake during the day is actually the key to preventing dehydration. The new EQUA Smart Water Bottle is here to take your water intake – and overall wellbeing – to the next level.

Your body can do anything but as little as 2% loss in the water content causes lack of concentration, headaches and when you think about it that when was the last time you took a sip of water you never remember it. EQUA calculates your daily water needs based on your body and lifestyles. It glows every time you should take a sip of water and a move yourself.
Once you start following your water intake you’ll find that on the days when you reach your daily goal, you’ll feel more energized and more friends will comment on your glowing skin. Tap on the bottle will reveal how well you are doing – with a slow glow if you’re on track or a quick glow if you need to catch up. The bottle is designed to communicate with you it allows you to check your hydration progress with a smart gesture on the bottle you can even set your EQUA hydration insights in the app carrying your EQUA bottle everywhere and the double wall insulation will keep the water cold or hot wherever you go. It’s made of stainless steel and comes with a real marble top.

A mobile app for the EQUA Smart Water Bottle will help you keep close track of your daily hydration. The app recommends your daily water intake according to your body working and lifestyle. It also helps to tracks your water intake and offers you an insight look in your hydration habits and analytics. You can even take control of the frequency of glow reminders on the bottle that will remind you when you need a sip of water.