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6 New Inventions Of Technology That Will Blow Your Mind

Here we make a list of top 6 new inventions Of technology that will blow your mind. In this post, you found some amazing gadgets and technology that makes your life awesome and easier.

1) OraSaifu

Introducing Orasaifu the first of its kind, all in one solution for your large storage, Transaction, and recovery no more carrying all the cards every time everywhere you go. The Orasaifu allows you to safely store all your cards currencies even the membership card from your local store in one place is organized and accessible at your fingertips. You can use OraSaifu to pay for everything it stores all your cryptos, unlocks your door even use it to exchange name cards all this is possible with this simple but amazing hardware. Billions of dollars asset got hacked and stolen every year you should worry about yours as well but don’t worry at all OraSaifu is the first hardware on earth using both (TEE) and (SE) technology to ensure 100% security over your assets storage and payments.

OraSaifu uses traditional wallet using the USB port for data transfer it also uses NFC and dynamic OR code technology which is totally off the grid. You can control your crypto asset and make peer to peer transaction anywhere you want. These credit cards and cryptos apps are still hackable when you got lost or stolen but not the case with OraSaifu wallet it will self-erase your key information after 5 passwords fail attempts your data will never be passed to the wrong hands

What about your recovery, you might ask?

Well, don’t worry there is a solution to this problem also introducing BiPal the NFC enable backup chipset for OraSaifu. This one tap recovery solution provides an effortless way to recover your data. For crypto users, the BiPal can also replace your mnemonic in a more secure and reliable way. we believe a wallet should not only be functional but also be artistic with a screen to body ratio of 83.8%. It has gone through 45 steps of polish and multi-layer coating the body is designed to fit for palm.

2) InstaDreamer

Imagine a simple comfortable bracelet that you were every day which vibrates on your wrist several times a day to tell you that its time to check if you are sleeping once you’re in the fully dreaming mode the bracelet will automatically detect that its time to vibrate again you will feel your arm vibrate inside your dream this will push you instantly into a lucid dream. Most older generation devices play on light and sound to senses that tend to interfere with your sleep light is a sign that brain interrupts as well no need to explain that noise always disrupts sleep the instant dream makes all the different vibration should attract our attention through the vibrating sound of cell phones discreet and comfortable the InstaDreamer also offers you other function that you will discover right now.

The very evening when you use it more than 75% of the testers experienced a lucid dream during one of the first three night using it that’s not all with InstaDreamer and its fiber smart technology you’ll not only be able to wake up when you want to without ever disturbing the person next to you. Youll also is able to consult the sleep cycle directly on your smartphone thanks to the tripe accuracy of the InstaDreamer, in fact,t it can measure your body temperature as well as your pulse. The latest study shows that a combination of these 3 functions provides unbeatably precision no older bulky and uncomfortable devices which wake you up disturb your partner and which rarely offer results get yourself an InstaDreamer and discover the amazing power of instant lucid dreamer.

3) Robobo ( The Next Generation Educational Robot)

Robobo is the next generation of the educational robot it uses a smartphone as the brain of the mobile base from than movement you can program it with your computer or a tablet. Robobo can feel just like you do see colors hears the sound recognize faces sense when you touch. It also knows how to talk show his emotions and of course, it can move also all this thanks to the combination of robots in current smartphones now available to you whether you do not know how to program it is very easy to use.

Robobo is an educational tool to use in the classroom robots will become an educational element for classes as such young people must learn how to deal with them and control them in a natural manner. Robobo allows you to incorporate 3D-printed parts to extend its capabilities. Its mechanical design is also of the educational experience. Robobo can do almost anything you can emagine just combine the right commands and see how its come to life ther are no limits but emagination.

4) Pine Motion

We want to create the most universal and flexible controller that bring a motion to your photograph and videography applications introducing pine, pine is the universal tool for all your photo and video productions need with pine you can create motion controlled time-lapse videos panoramic gigapixel and 360-degree images 3D photography tree scans automatically and much more control over your smartphone or tablet. The pine motion app will give you control for everyone. Its controller can trigger multiple photos at one time this makes it the perfect solution for professional users who already have their own systems.

High-quality components like lockable motor connectors that make pine long-lasting device that will meet your professional needs pine are wirelessly expandable if you need more 4 access you can simply connect to another controller there are no limits no cables needed. Pine will give you motion control capabilities never seen before. Gigapixel mode are rare mode among other controllers with its unique diagonal traversal technique pine will fully automatically matrix and you can then switch to a stunning high-resolution panoramic image. Its 360-degree mode capture fully 360-degree images with pine and pan tilt head pine will fully automatically take multiple images to all directions with you then can switch to 360-degree image this mode works for both single images and even 360-degree time lap videos. Whether compact image access system or multiple studio setup pines will always give you the motion unique.

5) MUWI: Capture cinematic videos anywhere and at anytime

MUWI: Capture cinematic videos anywhere and at any time now shooting cinematic footage is no longer just about image quality but motion. Introducing MUWI the first pocket-sized ollie for smartphones making it possible for everyone to capture cinematic footage with rectangle phone holder and the patent-pending rotary legs make it possible to achieve perfect linear and curved movements with one tool.

I Think You must be worried about the camera just snap the several clips and move your DSLR mirrorless or action cameras the secure ball joint allows you to capture from any angle you want to click. Its foldable legs make it compact, easy to carry and low center of gravity providing the best balance even with the DSLR. Its been very hard to develop additional abilities for MUWI and enhance its easy to use and boost your creativity attaching the flow modules will transform MUWI into a motorized dolly>Floe is the most simple way to have an automated motion just turn it on and scroll four-speed adjustment with FLOW-X MUWI becomes completely hand free you can even adjust speed direction and control your camera remotely MUWI will go fast enough to flow the action and slow enough to capture perfect time lapses. The track will turn your MUWI into lightweight and easy to setup slider that can be mounted to any tripod is made from airplane grade aluminum to ensure the best quality and stability. It is very foldable and compact just put it into your backup and discover the world WUWI is small but powerful it can shoot steep incline shoots on low climbing freely along the track without a cable or belt.

6) Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro: The Smartest Lock

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is the modern home security means flexibility the and one of the smart deadbolt has features like 360-degree live fingerprint ID phoneless entry for the ultimate flexibility and keyless features like auto-lock and auto-unlock feature but when your hands are full an anti-prep touch screen that allows you to enter a security code embedded in a random group of numbers . The U-Bolt Pro is a modern home security and a smart deadbolt built to make everyday life easier to give visitors like Airbnb guests temprory access codes and with the ultra lock bridge wifi adapter you can control it all remotely on the app received notification when your child gets home from school distribute key to your friends and family.

In Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro you can even manage a view log who has entered in the house it is a simple and safe security solution. Your fingerprint is a key that cannot be copied stolen or forgotten. Duel data encryption with a coprocessor and dynamic key make every single data transfer secure. So you don’t need to worry about someone hacking your door and the piece of mind the setup takes place just minutes to install with U-Bolt Pro you will never be locked out we can even use a backup key or an external battery if you missed the alerts. It is the super smart and secure device you will love to use it.